Searching For Mr Right

The Worst Mistakes You Can Make In Searching For Mr. Right

To be with Mr. Right is something that almost all women desire, and while there are many women who have successfully found their life partners, there are those women who are still in the process of looking.

Finding Mr Right

If you’re still in the process of looking for Mr. Right, it might be that there are certain mistakes you are committing in your search. And what mistakes could these be? Read below to know.

1. Not being clear about the kind of man you want

“Mr. Perfect” is really a broad and relative term that could mean different things to different people. Try to be as specific as possible about the kind of man you want to be with because the more specific you are, the stronger the forces will be to attract that person.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is a very strong force that you can harness to bring about the experiences, the people and the things that will expand you as a person.

2. Making yourself too available to men

No matter what they say about the world, the truth is that men will always be attracted to women who play the game of hard to get. Remember, if it’s too easy, it never lasts. So, don’t turn yourself into an easy woman.

When you’re on your first date and you don’t feel like going further beyond a peck on the check, then don’t go beyond a peck on the cheek. Trust us, your date will respect you (and want you more) for it.

3. Not playing the game of numbers

Dating is really a contact-and-numbers game, meaning that your chances of success increases when you put yourself out there and go on blind dates and speed dates. So, go out but have your self-respect intact.